Flashback scenes

how do i turn down the opacity for flashback scenes

What exactly you wanna turn down opacity for? overlays , characters?

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for the scene like charcters and everything so that it looks like shes thinking back
in time

You mean black & white? You can use filters from show helpers then more helpers then hsl filters

Or else you can watch this tutorial.


literally thank you so much

can i credit you?

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Mention not!
shure… :sweat_smile: :grin:

oh one more thing

do you know any account that make me a story cover

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I hope this helps!



you really saved me thank you

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No problem
Good luck with your story :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for reccomending my art shop! :blob_sun:

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Mention not! :grin:

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You cant change the opacity of any character as it is not an option. However, you can upload the background you want as an overlay, place it over the characters and adjust the opacity. This will make anything under the overlay look like ghost.

For example:

INT. LA SKATE PARK (add the background first)

&CHARACTER1 spot POSITION and CHARACTER 1 is ANIMATION (You can add as many characters as you wish)

&overlay LA SKATE PARK create and overlay LA SKATE PARK opacity 0.30 (you can adjust the opacity to your liking but below the number 1 or the the characters wont appear.)

&CHARCATER2 spot POSITION (This CHARACTER will be over the overlay)

Hope this is what you’re looking for !


I could attempt it if you’d like. I mostly do Wattpad/Quotev covers but I’m sure making an episode one isn’t hard… unless you need want characters on the covers. I can do back shots but not full face. You could go to my Instagram (alannah.i.sandoval) and see the covers of my own books, if you’re interested.

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