Flashbacks for context

hi everyone! i’m working on my new story, and as I’m unpacking the past of my characters and their families, I was thinking, FLASHBACKS!

i was reading a lot of readers don’t like too much narration, at time point, they lose interest and don’t want to tap 10 times or more just to get through the narration. would flashbacks be better? for example, my MC’s father is describing the truth behind his rivalry with a guy that saved her life, her parents sit her down and it goes into a flashback describing the events and showing the events rather then him narrating the entire thing. the scenes would be coded with dialogue.

what do you guys think! I’ll take any and all feedback!


I think this will be so good! I get that readers dont like narration, but small increments of it in a flashback if you want some narration in it would be good! If
you want that, obviously.
For example:
‘I was betrayed…’
‘So i killed him.
or you can just be like

‘He was the reason why …. Do you think i couldve just let all of that go? (Then it goes to present but still a bit of a flash back i guess? Like a few years later) I still feel the same anger of that night when i think about him’ showing scenes of him in places just getting angry hearing his name, or seeing photos of him
‘He saved your life, but he fucking ruined mine.’
That’s obviously an example but something like that.
I think youd need some narration before what i said so it could fit in place.
Actually reading all that now i think what i just said is a shit idea


nooo not a shit idea whatsoever omg!! thank you so much. this helps a lot. the example you provided gave me a few ideas haha!

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Ofc! And im glad i gave u some ideas !

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For the first example i made

You can use that for a different chapter or the same chapter and end it like that. poof so it gives it a bit more of a dramatic effect. Then the next chapter the mc could be cussing who ever killed idek or be realising how everything related to the dead person always leads to who ever was the killer.
‘How did i not notice this earlier. I live in the same f*cking house as a murderer
‘the love i had for (the killer) turned into hatred ’

This is also just an example, again but if youre wanting to use that one for a murderer, here’s something you could use.

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could i send you a blurp of what I have for the flashback?

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Of course! Sorry for replying late I was sleeping

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