Flashing Character Transformation

Hi! So what I’m having trouble with is how to make it look like for a flashing moment, the character’s supernational form is shown. Like for a brief flashing moment, their true form is shown then goes back to their human form.


I would use the format @transition fade in

You can also use a color when you transition💕

here, just an example! i’ll try and make it with easier coding as possible
*note create an extra character in their superhuman form
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@transition fade out black in 0.5
@transition fade out black in 0.5

i used flashes in my story by using the HSL filters , you set them to white in 0.5 seconds then reset in 0.5 seconds

Your transitions would have to be fade in’s or I’m pretty sure it will pull up an error. So it’d be:

@HUMAN stands screen center
@transition fade in white in 0.1
@pause for 0.5
@transition fade in white in 0.1
@HUMAN becomes HUMAN

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