Flawed characters that you wish you would see in stories



What flawed characters do you wish you would either more of or flaws that you wish characters would display more often?

What bothers you about the way boys and girls are portrayed in episode cliches

Aimless: Meaning they didn’t set a direction in life.


Anorexia. It’s so hard to make a story like that… I tried and failed


YES! Episode need to make more body types.


If you can’t do someone who’s currently affected by anorexia, why not try someone who just recently started recover

If your’re worried about offending people, I think that sensitive topics will always offend some people and you should be a carefully worded as you can while still making the story effective
If you really want to write something like that do it! I could proof read it if you’d like


I would definitely do that, but I’m working on three stories right now and it’s hard to juggle them


Oh I get it


I really love when a character’s strengths are also their weaknesses. People admired for their determination miss the things happening around them because they’re so focused on their goals. Bold people who say what they mean and take pride in speaking their mind can also seem cruel and end up pushing others away. People who are caring and kind and have an immense sense of empathy but who never manage to get there own lives together or think of helping themselves. Stuff like is way more interesting to me than someone with a pros/cons list of good and bad traits, it’s much richer, complex, and realistic.


That’s actually something I’m working into my story with the male MC!


People that have fears but are scared to tell others.


like what kinds of fears?


I want him to be focused on trying to “better” the female MC based on his own personal beliefs, but in the process he kind of forgets to acknowledge her and who she is when he isn’t trying to “fix” her


There are plenty, I myself have experienced a time where I was scared of heights, bugs, death. Those are all terrifying. But actually, I tried to force myself to think about them and try to do what I like and be more positive. It actually took quite a long time to overcome it, but I feel better now and not as sensitive when I talk about it.


That’s actually a really interesting character trait!


But like I said, there are plenty of people who have fears, not all of them are out in the open about them, and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is completely fearless. Fears can develop for a reason, not because you’re born with them. Sometimes people can get scared of something for a reason.


I wouldn’t call mental illnesses/disorders (anorexia) a flaw, the shortcomings are in the underlying factors that cause the disorder, in other words anorexia isn’t the problem it’s a symptom of the problem.


Personally, I would love to see a story where excessive kindness is seen as a flaw: someone who is always selfless and kind to others… who needs to learn to put themselves first from time to time and gain some self-esteem. That would be fascinating.