Flesh Out Your Characters

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From the waist down. The treatment allows her to move, but if it were to stop working (she stopped taking the medication or the machines otherwise shut down or malfunctioned), the paralysis would return.

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Question 1

Well, she has no family but she unwillingly has to follow the traditions of her Kingdom. Slavery. She becomes a slave for most of her life, but when she escapes, she attempts to get rid of the tradition and free everyone.

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Question 2

In my story, there are no New Years, no annual celebrations really.

Question 3

It hasn’t been introduced yet, but her (old) nickname is ‘Kat’ given by her dad (who is only remembered by flashbacks). Although it will be used more in the future.

Question 4

Katrina becomes an atheist after her experiences with abuse, she gave it all up and never mentions any god to any one. Religion is hardly mentioned in the story, but it does influence them. Katrina, because of her experiences with extremists, ends up having no hope in herself nor people who followed her former master’s religion and is too quick to make decisions where the religion is an influence which leads to her getting in trouble with the wrong kind of people.

Question 5

Katrina hasn’t got much of an appetite. With her experience, she has spent a large portion of her life eating horrible food so she doesn’t carry much around unless it’s necessary.

Question 6

What motivates Katrina to free the slaves are 2 things: her experiences with slavery and what she believes is expected of her. She is pushed to do it because she believes that that’s what everyone expected her to do and that to fail (no matter how small) then she’d be a disappointment to everyone and herself.

Question 7

Katrina is most vulnerable when she comes too close to not reaching her goal. In one of the episodes, she becomes afraid she isn’t going anywhere and that she’s just wasting away. This lead to her finally opening up to her friend about her insecurities when it becomes too obvious that she’s afraid of something.

Question 8

She struggles when it comes to caring about what’s going on outside of the South (her kingdom). She wants to care but she is so invested in helping one kingdom that everywhere else isn’t important to her, She hears all about the murder, betrayal and destruction but she can’t make herself care, she wants to care because she’s afraid about being seen as cruel and weak but deep down she could care less about it, not yet.

Question 9

She doesn’t have much memories of her childhood, she can’t connect with anything from her past. That comes later into the story and I can’t spoil too much,

Question 10

Katrina experiences PTSD. But this can’t be treated because its a medieval setting and mental health back then was seen as being crazy or a coward so she never expresses her struggle and so has to deal with it on her own. She does this by doing… nothing, she hides it and puts on the same face (no smile, just emotionless - especially around people shes known for a few weeks). She doesn’t know what to do and has no one to support her so it just keeps getting worse.



Not yet, I’m working on episode 3. I can let you know when it’s published :slight_smile:

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Whew, I almost let this go >.> but don’t worry! I’ll be sure to always keep this up! <3

What kind of body type/build does your character have? What is something your character(s) do(es) to stay fit if they do anything at all? Or is this even something they care about?

Note: I realize that for the Episode characters, they can only have one body type technically, but entertain the thought that they may have different body types, like…in your head? LOL




Venetia has a “shapely” body. She, of course, uses potions, and exercise along with magic to stay looking young and beautiful. However, when her true, Awakened form comes out, she is terrifying, and is incredibly thin. She almost looks like a shadow of some sort, and is quite scary.

Venetia Tremaine (the new one)


LOL I wish I could use potions and magic to look pretty X’DDDD What a lucky girl >.< I’d love to see what you envision her to look like in her Awakened form O.O Sounds awesome!


Katrina isn’t a very strong person. Living as a slave made her fragile for a while, but after her escape she became motivated to get strong, She cares about getting strong because she doesn’t want to be back in her position. She started to train to fight but I wouldn’t says she’s ‘muscular’. She uses her Dragon to fight if she can so it isn’t her no.1 priority, but if she has time she’d train.



I can make one if you want!


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Dean’s Response

On the outside I’m really skinny, but deep down inside…I’m a fat ass. I never worried about gaining weight cause I’ve been blessed with fast metabolism. But the question I should be asking you is this…Fitness who? I don’t know her. Diet who? Don’t know her either. Gym? Who? Don’t know and don’t care :triumph: The only physical exercise I do is with my fingers on the keyboard and mouse cause I’m a hacker :man_shrugging:t2:


Could you link me your story? I can’t find it on the app, and when I type in “Dragon Pit”…“the stipper” shows up before any story called “the dragon’s pit”??? LOL

That’s some rigged nonsense >.<

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OH MY GOD this whole response is gold. “Deep down inside…I’m a fat ass!” LOLOLOLOL I love it!


Oh, the title is "Fantastical: The Dragon’s Pit"

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5740753287512064

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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. LOLOLOL, mmkay ^^ Will read

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Cool, thanks! Hope you enjoy it!

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Pic for ref,



Flat chested, straight body shape basically

Works out regularly and eats healthy.

I wouldn’t say her body type is something she cares about, but being healthy is. She doesn’t mind if she doesn’t have the most desired body shape.


Oh why thank you :slight_smile: All I did was speak from my heart where my inner fat ass is at.

Now I’ma go raid the fridge before my roommate catch me :shushing_face: