Flesh Out Your Characters

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Andrew Danford (19 - The Regency period)

Question Nine:
Playing in the creek by his family’s country house with his two brothers, cooking with mother in his family’s country house, or any memory the country house is happy for him.

Question Ten:
No health problems, he’s in perfect physical shape.

Question Eleven:
Rather fit, his body is chiselled. Though he is of class and from a family with money, he does like to do chores involving labour, as he doesn’t like to be served by others and others to work for him.

Question Twelve:
He will always get into a fight and stand up for those who a dishonoured or less fortunate. He’s not bad in a fight either.


Alexandria Egerton (16 - The Regency period)

Question Nine:
EVERY memory consisting of either her brother or being outside, is freedom to her. Pure happiness and free from responibility.

Question Ten:
No health problems, she’s perfectly healthy.

Question Eleven:
Small and petite. She loves walking around town and run through forests and fields.

Question Twelve:
Fight or arguments… NEVER! She runs away from any form of conflict, and yes, she literally runs away from it.

Nathan Keller (42 - Present day)

Question Nine:
This isn’t so much a childhood one, but a happy one. The day he met Addilyn, his wife, the love of his life (still, even despite the heartache). He was in his third year in college and she was a senior in college. They met mid-winter in the local library and it was lust-at-first-sight, which soon grew into love.

Question Ten:
No health problems, he’s reasonably healthy but just needs to get in good physical shape again.

Question Eleven:
Nate was rather fit before his midlife-crisis; he had reasonable muscles and nice abs. Then during his year and a half of nothing, he traded in his six-pack for a pint, not a keg. Slowly, as he reestablishes his life, Nate is trying to get back in shape. But he still falls victim to a packet of chips more often these days.

Question Twelve:
Mostly verbally, though he’ll come at you with logic when he has to but then mainly stay quiet until those times. He will get into a physical altercation if the occasion calls for it.

Dominic Wallace (44 - Present day)

Question Nine:
School bullies. They’re the memories that continue to circulate and cloud all his other memories. Yes, he did have a friend, Robert (or Bobby, as Dom called him), who would stand up for him. However, Bobby couldn’t always be there 24/7 and so the bullies would still get to him. … This is just one of the things that he need to overcome every time he needs to socialise.

Question Ten:
Yes, he has a form of autism as well as a stutter, which affects how he perceives himself and his social interactions. Meaning that his social circle is very small and his lifestyle is limited and repetitive. Since childhood, he has visited his psychiatrist monthly and two psychologists on a weekly basis; one for speech and the other for behaviour (social).

Question Eleven:
He’s a rather plump and bulky man who doesn’t do much exercise at all, aside from taking leisurely walks with his mother. He works more on his mental state than his physical one.

Question Twelve:
He doesn’t. He cowers and often cries over anything that scares him, and almost everything is intimidating to him.

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Fantastical: The Dragon’s Pit

Preface: Wow…just waited 18 days to get back to this. What a failure. Will I pick this back up some? I hope so…I’d like to try, what with Adventurous really taking up some time and then working on these art things lol…I kinda dropped the ball, huh? Well, here’s another question then LOLOLOLOL

Do(es) your character(s) have any guilty pleasures? Anything they hate to love or something they somewhat feel ashamed for liking? Anything along those lines? Don’t be shy ^^




Mr. Hugh Mungus
Modern World
He’s a news Caster/Host that thinks he’s charming and handsome, he flex/boast whenever he needed to.

Fave character of all time :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll probably answer all of the questons tomorrow, so good night/morning… well it’s midnight here

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OMG!! I CAN’T WAIT!! Hugh Mungus, hahahahahah!!! Reminds me of that one meme. “Hugh Mungus wat???!” X’DDDDDdd

I will be looking forward to it! <3

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Does your character have any guilty pleasures? Anything they hate to love or something they somewhat feel ashamed for liking? Anything along those lines?

Hmm… Which one should I do? Venetia or Eleanor?

Venetia loves soap operas. Like, loves them. She watches them everyday alone. She feels ashamed of it because her sisters used to make fun of her for that.

Venetia Tremaine

Eleanor is addicted to Turkish Delight. Cliche, I know. She loves the taste, scent, everything. She must have a pack of 10 of these whenever she goes to Northview. She hates loving it, because of the stigma around it in the human realm…

Eleanor Snow

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Hugh Mungus

Modern World


Has your character(s) participated in family or cultural traditions? Do they participate regularly or did they discontinue the tradition(s) and if so, why?

Hugh have participate traditions but have to discontinued so that he can persue filmography and since his really popular he doesn’t have time to participate traditions.
Traditions: Still don’t know


What does your character do annually for New Years if anything at all? Was there any year that was especially memorable?

Sometimes, Hugh skips new years celebration for the matter of His fame, sometimes he spends time with his family, Depends on what Hugh;s schedule is.


Does your character have any nicknames old or new? How did they get these nicknames and who calls them these nicknames? Is there anyone not allowed to address them by their nickname?

Actually, Hugh’s real name is Eugene Henry Markus Mungus then in highschool, he got the nickname Hugh from his Friends and Bullies, his teacher on Jornalism caught on the nickname so he/she also calls him Hugh (btw hugh is not affected by the nickname, infact he thought it sounds cool.)

And yes people can call him that, also the reason of the nickname is because his friends thought of cutting his name short.
FRIEND OF HUGH (talk_think)
Why not make your name short, it’s weird calling you Eugene…
HUGH MUNGUS (nod_loop)
Alright, what’s your idea?
FRIEND OF HUGH (talk_neutral)
I’ll just call you Hugh, since because Eugene kinda sounds like Hugh and you also have H in your name…
HUGH MUNGUS (laugh_chuckle)
Wth, that’s awesome!


Do(es) your character(s) follow a religion? How much do their beliefs matter to them? If your character is in a fantasy world, what greater beings might the people of the U believe, even if your character(s) don’t? How do these beliefs (or lack of beliefs) affect how they behave and treat other characters?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Hugh is Christian but he doesn’t follow religion much, I guess how it can affect he’s behaviour is by being boastful and being airheaded. it may affect some people about his behavior sometimes.


What item is always in your character’s food storage; an item that they cannot ever be without?

Redbull and Peanuts


Consider what your characters’ goal(s) is/are. What all motivates them to reach their goals?

Hugh’s goal isto have at least 10 awards for reasons “Best host of the year” etc, and to have a great life for him and his family.


What makes your character most vulnerable? Tell about a time they couldn’t hide, and their vulnerability was exposed.

Hugh’s vulnerability is I guess somebody catching him doing embarassing things or if he realize if he’s being embarrasing, losing on something or someone and family member being in danger or sad.


What is something that your character(s) wants to care about; something your character tries to care about, but can’t bring themsel(f)(ves) to care about?

For instance, Hugh tried to care about celebrities’s life but can’t really bring himself to care about it because he thought that all celebrities are just snobby bastards that doesn’t care about anyone but their money. Nice thinking Hugh.


Tell about a memory from childhood your character clings to. It doesn’t have to be a happy memory, but one that they seem to always remember or think about.

Why do(es) your character(s) cling to it so much?

It’s actually very simple, Hugh’s childhood is always watching TV, watching news or Talkshow tv he always get inspired to be one, so whenever his friends are outside he goes outside to rp with his friends, he’s the host and his friends are the audiece/guest. It’s always a blast for Hugh so that’s why he loves his life.


What kind of body type/build does your character have? What is something your character(s) do(es) to stay fit if they do anything at all? Or is this even something they care about?

Hugh has a body type of a builded old man at around 40s or 50s (not having abs no, I meant like a healthy looking man), Hugh just walk everyday and doing yoga, he doesn’t mind fitness at all, he only needs to stay in shape for the camera.


How well do(es) your character(s) defend themself(ves) in a fight if they’ve ever been in one. How often do they get in actual fights if ever?

Hugh is not so great with fist/leg fight and neither is with weapons, he’s only good with throwing objects or threathening people.


Do(es) your character(s) have any guilty pleasures? Anything they hate to love or something they somewhat feel ashamed for liking? Anything along those lines? Don’t be shy ^^

Hugh cOuGh is a wonderful man, but well his guilty pleasures is signing his autograph on his own merchandise that nobody is asking for, he just doodle around and feel kinda bad that he’s doing this, and threatening people on the phone as a prank.

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Do(es) your character(s) have any guilty pleasures? Anything they hate to love or something they somewhat feel ashamed for liking? Anything along those lines? Don’t be shy

They love the TV show Bad Boy Bachelor, she watches it with her best friend Courtney.

You’ll get a hint at this in an upcoming episode :crazy_face:


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Wait, could you elaborate on this? I don’t get it LOL

Anyways, Hugh Mungus seems like a very well-rounded character!! I loved reading all of this! <3

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Bad Boy Bachelor…! >.< dead

also new/next episode?? coming soon??? O.O

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What I meant is like, He is a christian dude that doesn’t follow his own religion much; meaning he doesn’t talk about God that much often, he never payed attention to his own religion or doesn’t know the story of God (he knows a bit but not very detailed.) that’s why his attitude is not really humble and he’s very narcissistic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I appreciate that, he’s my fav character for some reason (can you guest? :rofl:)

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Ah, I see!! I think I misread or misunderstood, or idk what happened. That’s why I asked hahaah!!

Anyways! You’re welcome <3

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Question 13

Katrina is ashamed that she likes to kill, her first kill was terrifying, yes, but secretly she enjoyed the thrill to kill. She thinks her allies wouldn’t treat her the same if she told them the ‘horrible’ truth.



Question 13

Strangely, Naomi actually likes to throw balls and even weddings. She enjoys everything about planning her wedding but she couldn’t tell other people that. She lives in a society where the King must be strong, powerful and stern etc… and where women (ladies, duchesses etc) need to be delicate and pretty. She has wanted to be Queen for so long, that now she has it, she needs to seem as the ‘King’ stereotype and avoid every single woman’s expectation. So her love to plan weddings etc is something she hates, she thinks it makes her seem weak.



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