Flower Power Art Group is Hiring



Hello everyone its @Kaycee_Rose!

And guess what! I am making a art group…and I am in need of members!

Before we get into the information I would like to give a shout out to… @Artistofepi for the idea of this thread!



~ No drama is tolerated…we are going to act like adults!
~ I have the right to not hire you…there could be multiple reasons as to why I might have not let you in so don’t get discouraged.
~ Other then that I don’t think there is anything else… I just ask that everyone is mature yet fun!



~ I am looking for very skilled artist!
~ You have to be active almost everyday!
~ You have to be confident in your work!
~ You have to be encouraging and helpful toward your fellow group members!
~ Since this group has a flower theme you will have to come up with a flower nickname! (Mine is Rose)


I am looking for a few people to help me out! (VPs,Co Pres,etc)

If you are interested in that please fill out this form!


If you want to join please fill out this form!
Once you have filled it out please comment down below!



President - @Kaycee_Rose

Members -

Waiting list - @Addivi101

I would also like to say thanks to @Kalizzza for making these amazing banners!

Much Love,

if you filled out the extra roles form…you still need to fill out the other form

The Confession Thread 😘

I wanna join


Then fill out the form above please!




Ok I will check it out!


Could you please fill out both forms again!


It rhymes… sorry I couldn’t help it


I would love to join


I wanna join but I hate forms


Done! Here are more examples



Perfect thanks!


Well do whatever you want gurl


Lol what?




Yay Coolio! Just fill out the form above


One of my examples


I will be submitting a form. :slight_smile:


Ok I will get back to you as soon as possible


Woohoo thanks!


I have submitted but couldn’t submit artwork so I did above