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Hi everyone, welcome to my backgrounds thread. I’m FlowerGriefer and I’ve enjoyed creating many backgrounds for the community and I thought it would great to give everyone the chance to come across that perfect background for their story. While this is not a request thread, there will a wide variety of options within it. Please take a moment to read the rules of use - Thank you :tulip:

:sparkles: Thread Rules :sparkles:

I’ve created a Ko-fipage :revolving_hearts: I appreciate the support (link in bio) :heart_hands: :sparkles: :tulip:

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:blob_hearts: ANGRYYBIRDD's BACKGROUND WORKSHOP(Closed permanently) :blob_hearts:
:blob_hearts: ANGRYYBIRDD's BACKGROUND WORKSHOP(Closed permanently) :blob_hearts:
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:heart_eyes: This is amazing, thank you, your backgrounds are so freaking awesome, we love and appreciate you o talented one <3 <3 <3




Let’s start things off with some random city destinations :sparkles: :tulip:

Overlays of Trees ^^


Here’s a gas/petrol station :tulip:


A hospital :face_with_head_bandage:

The inside of an ambulance :red_light:

Rail and Oxygen Mask Overlays

And an ambulance:
Ambulance Side View resized


Very nice, I’m loving these!


Thank so you so much for your support @JemU776 and @lanafrazer_episode :revolving_hearts: :tulip:


Always :kissing_heart: :100: You are super talented, proud of you :disco: :blob_sun:


This feels like a good place to add a Hospital Room :tulip:

All the Overlays


@FlowerGriefer I’m so happy that you’re FINALLY displaying your work! I’ve told you countless time how amazing your work is and who can forget we bonded over a DEMON RITUAL BACKGROUND :joy::sparkles: I’m so immensely proud of you and I’m glad you’re actually showing off all your hard work! :two_hearts::sparkles:


Thanks so much @KerriStrwberry :revolving_hearts: :metal2: :tulip:





THANK YOU…so much! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


Omg these r amazing! :sneezing_face:


Of course! I’m happy to help to out the community :sparkles: :tulip:


:pleading_face: Thank you! :sparkles: :tulip:


Thank you @FlowerGriefer :blob_hearts:
You deserve being recognized, every time Jem shows one your BG, I love them :heart_eyes:


these are amazing! :pleading_face:


Thanks so much! @noyaan and @Nessya :blob_sun: :blob_hearts: :tulip: