🌷 FlowerGriefer's Backgrounds 🌷

Love it! Gives me modern palace vibes.

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I love it!! it’s so beautiful and modern :tulip: :two_hearts:

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Has a royal family vibe to it


And can be used for a hotel/someone’s home.

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I had the same thought! It’s an awesome BG.

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Thanks @CovfefeBoss @PoseidontheVampire @Marysol.Episode :sparkles: I love hearing all the vibes you’re all getting from this one :sunglasses: :tulip:

Thanks @Marsbars :fist_bump: :tulip:

Awesome! Nope, no interior at this time :nerd_face: :tulip:


i love this bg so much!

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GURLLLLL NO cuz I actually needed an overlay exactly like this. You’re a lifesaver :sob:

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She put it better than I ever could!
Thank you @FlowerGriefer so so much. I’m using so many of these backgrounds. So many people have already said exactly what I thought… and I guess there isn’t much else I can do to express my gratitude, apart from reiterate what countless others have told you.

Thank you!!

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I’ve been searching this thread for possible backgrounds i can use in my story and it’s really nice to see exactly what I’ve been looking for ToT <3 (the hospital exterior from way back ahsdhasd a lifesaver)

Thank you once again for all your hard work!!

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I’m so glad so many of you are finding the backgrounds you need here :face_holding_back_tears: :sob: Thank you all so much for your support !! :revolving_hearts: :tulip:

@nikkiC.writes @gnoble22 @live_fully @nayu.ep

Blowing Kisses Gif


@FlowerGriefer hey honeyy, sorry to bother you, but do you have any classroom bgs/overlays? :heart:

I don’t think she does. U can message her about being a background suggestion though.


I can pm u another thread that has some.


yes please!\

Alright, here’s the looping sidewalks :repeat: :infinity: :tulip:

These are png in the standard 3-zone sizing:

And these here are sized to fit Dara’s looping template here :point_down:

@Mia_Writes_stuff these should work out better for you :tulip:


I JUST WENT THROUGH THIS ENTIRE THREAD- You are so talented, will definitely be using a lot of these<3 (I wish I found this thread MONTHS ago)

Have a good day/night gorgeous<3


Like one of those eateries on Fifth Avenue.

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:sparkles: Thank you so much! :sparkles: I’m so glad you’re finding them useful :blob_sun: :partying_face:

:success: I need to hand out awards for this! :medal_sports: :heart_decoration: Thanks :metal2: :tulip:


Awesome! :sunglasses: :sparkles: :tulip:

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