🌷 FlowerGriefer's Backgrounds 🌷

Hello, excuse me
Do you know how I can put the background I grabbed from here to my story?
It appears to me that it doesn’t have the right pixels and I don’t know what to do anymore.
If you could help me or someone who knows how to do it, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!:two_hearts:

Hi, so you have to double-click the background image and right-click and select save image OR click the “download” at the bottom of the screen.:slight_smile:
If you just right click the preview image and save, some computers save them at the size of the preview instead of the actual picture size.

After you save it, go to the Catalog and upload under Backgrounds or Overlays :slight_smile:

your backgrounds are just so damn awesome! You’re really talented and a life saver! I’ve been finding good backgrounds around like crazy and finally found them here!