Flowers in a background


I need a bouquet put into the INT. ISLAND BEDROOM - NIGHT background on the dresser. This bouquet

And also another background that will be a card that came with the flowers saying “Beauitful flowers for the most beautiful girl I’be ever had the pleasure of knowing. (: - Jaxon”


I can do it for you.


Where do you want the flowers?? On the left or on the right table beside the bed??


Either one is fine actually. Whichever one is gonna be easier for you!





There goes the message :wink:


I’m working on the background now.


Thank you the message one is perfect!



Is that alright?


Just please don’t forget to credit me when you use the backgrounds. Use @authorlou.episode in the credits. Thank you so much! Glad to help.


Thank you I really appreciate it!