Flying coding help!

So basically for my story there’s going to be a game (thats inspired by quidditch) and I don’t know how to code people sitting on the broomsticks in the air and flying about! If someone could help me I’d be really grateful (also idk if anyones ever done this before in their story)

here, send me the broomstick overlay and background, and I can prob code smt for you

I’ve requested a broomstick overlay from someone but tehy’re not getting back to me so is it okay with you if you could wait a bit? :pleading_face: :sweat_smile:

Yea, or I could make one for you!

Omg that would be amazing! (If its no trouble)
The broomstick has to be straight so they can sit on it (if it makes sense)

Yea, so something like this? Can you send me some examples of what you want if this is not it?

thats perfect!
Also this is the background

is it one, two, or three pannels?

and how many characters?

2 and about 4 characters on each team x

do you need a quidditch ball or whatever or can you code that

umm please could you code that :sweat_smile:

yea, can you find an image?

it might ttake a day or two, I am busy with school!

Thats fine.
Heres a ball image Unknown


can you please resize the image for me?

The ball one? and by how much x

no, the background, and to 1280 panels x 1136 panels