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Flynn’s Art Resources! (I make a whole bunch of edits you like!)


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Splash/Cover Form

Classic, Ink or Limelight?:
How many characters?:
Character’s details (image or typed out):
Character’s outfit(s)(image or typed out, allowed to ask me to draw or edit for you, however it depends on what kind of outfit you want):
Background (anything specific? etc.):
Story Title:
Author’s Name:
Description of your story?:
Genre of story? (horror, comedy, romance etc.):
Vibe of cover art? (happy, down, rainy, scary etc.):
Small and/or Large Cover:
Anything else you’d like to add on to the cover art? (flowers, balloons etc.):
Maximum time you’d want the cover art to be finished?:

Kinds Of Overlays Form

What kind of limb overlay?:
Skin Color?:
Any addition informartion?
How are you gonna use the overlay?
Describe your overlay:
Anything else?

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Is it okay if the art scenes are not like digital art?:
Character Details (Image or typed out):
Characters outfits (Allowed to let me edit or draw your outfit):
Poses (Custom poses are allowed!):
Background (Describe or actual image):
Anything else?:
Any specific time you want your art scene to be finished?:

Background Edit Form

Which background (If you have your own background upload it):
What you want edited (Add flowers, make it abandoned etc…)
Anything else?:


(1)If you’re not going to use my edits PLEASE DONT waste my time requesting.

(2) YOU CAN request on other threads but okay.

(3)You MUST credit me @Flynnopilyedits OR not hehe!

(4)Don’t complain “When is my art done?” I’m just busy with my life.

(5)You are only allowed with 3 redos, or your request will not be finished.

(6)You have to enter the password to request one or more!

The password is on my bio

For More Organized Request, Just Press Here! :point_down:

Happy Requesting!


can i see examples before i request


can I get one also wanna join a art group


ok! you are my very first!

Please Fill Out This Form!

Character screenshots:
Outfit Screenshots:


Hi! Can I request a profile pic when you have time?


sure~! please send the character details!


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Do you still need the profile picture?


Hi, Can I see an example of your work?



Alright I’ll request soon (I got to get together the details of what I do want to request)


isn’t the first cover @nuggy


Yes! I actually just put that cover there to show what nuggy’s artwork is!


I request a profile picture


please send the details~!


I like a purple background

The text saying Raven Hood and no characters


can you please wait? beacuse i have assignment to do! sorry for the reply~!


Ok sure