Flynn's Free Art Resources! [OPEN] *INK & LIMELIGHT*





make sure to credit me!:kissing_heart:


OMD thank you Sooo much XD


Glad to help ya!


May I ask what the background,nose, and brow is?


Yeah sure! The background is just a street or alleyway, {still deciding on that} so just choose between two of those, the nose is an ‘upturned’ nose and the eyebrow is a seductive arch, also can you do ‘upturned bold’ eyes instead of the other one? if that’s a yes. thankyou :wink:
And thank-you for making an art scene for me <3 !!!


Drawn or just edited?: Drawn
Is it okay if the art scenes are not like digital art?: Yes
Character Details (Image or typed out):

Characters outfits (Allowed to let me edit or draw your outfit): You can draw my outfit, or just use the ones above!
Poses (Custom poses are allowed!):
Girl: I want her to be in the air coming out from a bottle (shes a genie!)
Boy: I want him to be holding the bottle and looking at the girl in shock
Background (Describe or actual image):

Anything else?: erm…no. I think thats it!
Any specific time you want your art scene to be finished?: I kinda need it by July 20th. That’s when I’m puplishing that chapter
Any specific artists in our group who you want to do your work: Anyone will be fine!