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All right, let’s dive right into this! :sunglasses:

I’ve made a guide here:

Basically, you make a story (select ink, then select full body display), paste it into one episode and test out stuff. I’ve gathered script templates from different sources as well as put the advanced directing guide in. Also, it shows you how pre-made filters work. Feel free to name it anything like 1A The Ultimate Directing Guide ink.

Anyways, I didn’t include everything, like basic interactive tutorials because it would be too much for me.
But you can find tutorials on the side here:

Also this advanced guide will help you out so please check it out:

To conclude, thank you for checking this out, peace out! :v: :black_heart:

P.S Thank you for the script templates idea @MystikLunaa and if anybody hasn’t already, feel free to check out Joseph Evans’ tutorials, they’re hardcore awesome :vampire:

And check out these threads:

  1. "List" of Helpful Threads
  2. "List" of Script Templates (From other threads)

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