Follow for a follow on Instagram


If you follow me I will follow you back and like at least 10 of your posts on Instagram (Depending on how much you have)

If any of you have stories ,send me the name of it and I will be happy to read it ,once you have followed me on Instagram😊



I have a new insta just for Episode :



I will follow you ,but did you follow me?


Just followed!


I did not receive anything :cry:


MY bad it’s good !


What is your Instagram




I followed you


Yep, followed you back!


Thank so much


Thanks for the follow


I just followed you, my story is Freakish
My Instagram name is freakish._.trash


Hi! My instagram is leighxo_episode. I would appreciate it if you followed me, and I will follow back :slight_smile:


If I follow, will you follow me back? :laughing:


Of course! :slight_smile: