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Hi guys! I recently joined the community and I love editing so I’m planning on throwing a contest when I get to 100 followers
The winner will get a cover (small and large no more than 2-3 characters) & intro as well if you are not an author then you can get 2 edits of 2 characters per edit or you can combine them 1 edit of 3 people and 1 single etc etc
I will do lots of these contests so I can keep my account fun and helping everyone out
The rules are simple just by following me on insta and make sure to credit me if you are using my work! I will also open soon a model form so you might get a surprise edit from me. Here is an example I can do both Limelight and Ink.
My Instagram is mara_writes


that looks beautiful :pleading_face:

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you’re really talented! just followed you on ig

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Wow, that’s beautiful :heart_eyes:
Just followed :yum:

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You’re really talented! :revolving_hearts:

This is beautiful! You are super talented :heartpulse:

Your edit is amazing! Going to follow you, my ig is @pc_episode💕

I was so shocked when I saw this! This piece looks so beautfiul. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: Definetly going to give you a follow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I followed you pretty talented girl :heart::heart::heart:

Awesome work!! Very talented!! I’d followed whether it was a contest or not! Great Job!! :heart_eyes:

Hollyyyy, just wanted to say that that’s beautiful !!