Follow for Follow AND Spam for Spam (on insta and episode)

A lot of writers are just starting out, and I’ve been there.
I’ll follow for follow on instagram,
If you spam me, I’ll spam you back…
AND if you ask me to follow you or tell me you followed me on Episode, I’ll follow you back.
DM me on insta so I know that you came from the forums :wink:
INSTA: cateyedgoddess_episode
EPISODE: CatEyedGoddess


I just got a new Instagram account. It’s winter05.episode. I’d appreciate if you followed it to get it started. :slight_smile: I will follow you back.

Followed you!

Winter xx


Ooh, me! @EpisodeGirl5678

I’ll follow you!

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: