Follow for follow (Instagram, episode app)



Hi there.
I’m writing a new story and it is in process.
But I wanna promote myself before I publish on instagram.
Mine is @Luqman.Episode
Drop your username below and I will only give you a follow back after you’ve followed me.
Maybe I could even do some reads for small authors.
Also if you wanna follow my episode profile, my name is Luqman.
I’ll give you a follow back.

Episode Instagram (Free Follow)
Follow my episode account please?
Promote your Episode account here! (Follow for follow)
Follow 4 Follow on episode?

See our helping out thread here and looking for members thread here. :wink:

~ Winter xx


I cannot find a @episode.luqman, only @episode.luqmann and @luqman.episode. :thinking:


I can’t believe I forgot my own username.


Lol, followed you on both the accounts above. :slight_smile:


Followed you back! :slight_smile:


Moved to Episode Fan Community! :v:t2:


Instagram: episode.blindstarlight

I literally just created it and don’t have any followers :sweat_smile:


mine is yocomopicapollo.episode
I followed all of you


plz follow me on ig @dianaa.episode


My Instagram is @gabby.episode2005


My ig is glossomly21


I’ve made an account on episode AND writers portal so I could start writing! My episode account name is @Itz_Madison and if you follow me I will follow you back!


Sure! I am called Dreamer on the app and I will be sure to follow you


Sure! I’m just Jaz in the app.


This is my account, I think I followed you


I’ll do a f4f mine is Leslie Giselle


Okay dokay


Sure I’m Zoe4564 on the app


Ok thx I’ll go ahead and follow you