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Hey Everyone :wave:t3:
I’m just here to do some self-promo for my Instagram and stuff :two_hearts: I’ve met some really amazing people on Instagram and I’m so glad I made an account on there, so you can follow me if you want. Leave your Insta below (if you want) and meet some amazing people too :two_hearts:

Instagram: sw.storiess
Episode: Savanna W.

S :two_hearts:

And for anyone that cares (nobody :joy:), I probably won’t be as active on the Forums as I used to be. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place.


My Instagram: @winter05.episode
My groups Instagram: @penroyalty

Followed you! :wink:

My Episode: Winter05
My groups Episode: Episode Royalty


My Instagram: @themysterya
Group Instagram: @episodenirvana_
Episode: Mystery.Author


I’m also @rune.episode on Instagram :wave:
I spend more of my time on there lately than here.


Same, tbh.


I just recently made an episode ig @ninals.epi
Haven’t met much people on their yet but hoping I do so :blush:


Mines is _ know it’s episode_ette


Followed you and all of you guys who posted :smile::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


mine is yocomopicapollo.episode
yeah, thats the one
thanks very much


Thanks! I think I followed you back :joy:




I followed you :smiley:


what’s your acc


jejejeje sike forget it




Lol love ur fried chicken :nerd_face::baby_chick::rooster:


jejejeje yaasss




I just lovee fried chicken with all my heart