Follow me? (Got my orange crush)

Hi I’m looking for people to follow me on Instagram/episode profile. My writing career effectively came to an end yesterday with the removal on mobile creator (I used it in conjunction with writers portal.) I was a profilic writer with 17 published stories (1 which has to be cancelled due to the removal.) Many of the early stories are mobile ones (Alices Stories, Runaround Sue, Wizard Of War) but the vast majority are done with the aid of writers portal. I am hoping now that I can’t write anymore to go back and improve them, someday.
My stories include: A sexist pig who wakes up changed into a girl, a man who draws a cartoon of a beautiful woman that comes to life, a grandmother who wakes up one day young again and falls in love with her ex-lover’s grandson, a bunch of kids who keep getting into accidents at a school camp. Also, I have a few “normal” and straightforward stories too.
I hope to see you there!

Instagram: @Aliceproductions
Episode profile: Aliceproductions

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Hello, sorry to hear that. You have my support and you can dm me anytime :slight_smile:
Mine’s @chocolipsa

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Just started following you on IG

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If you have stories I’d love to read them. No obligation

Hey. Sorry to hear about about this. I’ll miss doing read-for-reads with you. Would you like to follow my Instagram?

Instagram: @kartis.episode

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Of course. I will try to release the stories that are stuck in limbo eventually, but I can’t see myself doing a new one. So at least 2 more will come out before I give it up

So you cant accest the stories from the writers portal?

I can, but it’s too hard to write on pc as mine is way too slow. I only used it for fine tuning

Well than I wish you that santa will bring oyu new quicker PC. :smiley:

That would be nice if Santa really bought presents for free. But in reality, PC’s aren’t cheap.