Follow me on instagram background

Hi, does anyone creates “follow me on instagram for sneak peeks etc” backgrounds for free?

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Hey there, this should be in the art resources category :wave:

Check out this tutorial: Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2)

And feel free to check out this: The A-List of Profile Pic and Cover Creators!

I do them, I could make you one if you’d like. :slight_smile:

You do? Do you have some examples?

These look very nice. Do you think you could make me something like this:3d0d4bc7cdf68650c4dc2a8cf8c3800e553287f0_1_281x499

I don’t know if I could make the character like that, in terms of detail, but I should be able to get the format like that. I can at least give it a try :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate that

Give me the details for the splash and I’ll start :smiley: