Follow me on the Episode App!

If you’re a writer and you have your story published, you will 200% get my follow back!!

Because I follow back every writer who has at least 1 published story!

My App name is: Cora Mae Jones :heart: Don’t mind my avatar, I change it every now and then :wink:


I followed you!

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I don’t have a story… But who cares? I will follow you… Maybe tomorrow, maybe never… Who knows? Lol


I’ll follow you

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emma.writes.episode is my name on episode! I will follow you

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I automatically follow back every writer :heart:

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Mine is Khanak I had published a story called “I wish it was just a dream”
With love,
Khanak :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey, if you would like to read your messages😉

I did And I am reading your story it will take time but I will send ASAP😉