Follow my episode account please?


This post is to promote my Episode account, i have a new story coming out soon and it would mean alot of you followed me,


thank you so much, & also, i will follow you back xx


What’s your new story about?!


Well its about a girl who just joined a new school, and turned at the boy she started to have feelings for was a vampire and she now lives with him and 4 others, and theres a psychopath who just escaped from prison, and as the story goes on they try to get her back to her usual self, but for most the story, she doesn’t change and kills more and more people.

I have added dialogue at the very start about how im not trying to offend anyone and stuff like that x


I’m bad at explaining so its obviously more detailed x


Cool! Maybe I’ll check it out when you publish!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: xx