Follow my insta, read desc x

My instagram is @/Primrose.ep follow me for updates on my new story, Nothings going on. I will follow everyone back. I will also post edits and art (when i learn to draw) thank you if you follow me x


:joy: Wow
I will if I got Instagram :upside_down_face:

Hahaha, go get it x

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My phone is dying :sweat: and I don’t even know how to make Instagram account :tired_face: so…I will in near future (far future):upside_down_face:

Hhahahaaha, of course :joy: xx

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Just followed you on my account @missjulie_episode :))

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Thank you sm xx

My IG account is @episode.warrior.gem :smile::yellow_heart:

i’ll follow you x

Cool, thanks!
Followed you back :wink: