Follow to an specific place

Hey! Somebody knows what i gotta do to make the camera follow my character to a specific spot? Bacause it give me the option to for example to follow my character (like a panning) to screen center, but i wanna it to follow my character for example to spot 1.136 175 13 in zone 3, someone know how to do it???


Also can check out: ๐ŸŒน HOW TO: Pan + Zoom at the same time + Extra Material ๐ŸŒน

Can i make it with an animation?

To do any animation while having a character walk to a certain spot would be:

@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in zone # in t and CHARACTER does it while (Animation)

Thanke uuu!!

Thanks u sooo much

I mentioned it in the example above with symbols and then used existing codes to demonstrate:

Where itโ€™s run_jog you can put any animation. And np! Good luck :yay: