Follow Up to Community Read4Read

I had to create this follow up for 2 reasons:

  1. I know a couple of you guys are waiting for me to review your stories on the Read4Read, and eventually, hopefully I will get to your story. I will start going in order from oldest post to youngest post (as I haven’t been doing that, sorry older uploaders). And I am excited (if not joyful) to read all of your creative stories!

  2. I need you guys to realize this is a community thread. I believe I saw one person say they were reviewing another person’s work, while ALL of you guys should use this as a chance to read fellow writers stories (and give insightful feedback)!

But other than that, I’m really proud to having @MimiYoo67’s Community Read4Read open and running! Keep up the fantastic job authors and readers!

:heart: You guys

I reposted this on your thread as it has a better chance of being seen than if it’s on its own thread :slight_smile: Thanks and closing!