Followed the Tutorials and still failed! Please Help

I've watched the tutorial so many times, I even paused the video to do it step by step. But I seem to have failed! I can't see my characters when they enter, all I can see is the dialogue. Maybe the rules are different for me since I didn't select the option for my characters whole bodies to be in it... Anyway, If anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful!  Thanks a bundle!


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Tutorial about what?

Hello and welcome to the forum. It might help if you tell what the problem is. Els we cant help

The Entering and Exiting Tutorials.

@name enters from right to screen center

Change to what the charaters name is

Oops so sorry! The problem is, I can’t see my characters when its their time to be on screen. I would write the stage direction, @Character enters from left to screen left, but they’re cut off on the edge of the screen. So all you can see is what they’re saying.


Your style is in spotlight!
During the character creation, you can choose between spotlight and cinematic. It seems like you have chosen spotlight.

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Oh yeah, I forgot the name! Thank you! Do you know if the staging directions are the same? Or maybe spotlight has different directions than cinematic?

I just tried, but sadly I got the same result…

Looks like the characters are in one zone whilst the camera is in another zone!

Cinematic is full body, you can see the character entering and such. It’s the style for most episode stories. Spotlight is the style for what you previewed, it shows the character in a frame that would pop out then pop in


Hi! I had the same problem a few weeks ago, I’m new in Episode, but I deleted my story, and started a new one with the Cinematic option, because it’s easier. If you want to save your script, you can copy it to a word document and then start a new story in cinematic, and the paste it there! I hope this helps you!


Oh! Okay I’ll give it a go! Thank you!

Thank you! I’ll definitely do that if changing the Zone fails.

I have a tutorial on this: HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊

Someone had the same problem:

As I’ve mentioned to them before

“its ok i don’t blame you. after you pick a style (limelight), it lets you choose between spotlight and cinematic. it gives the spotlight option first, so when users see it, they click it right away. Episode should show the cinematic one first or show both of them together and explain each one.” :rofl:

P.S you can read more on spotlight here: HOW TO: Spotlight Format (if you choose spotlight, you can’t do cinematic-full body animations, like the others said, a NEW story has to be created)

Thank you sooo much for your help!