Followers in the app - what is it good for?

Hi does enybody have experience what actually changes for reader if he follows in app some authors profile?

I am following almost 500 people some of them are also authors and so far I havent noticed any difference.

Because I myself am an author I was hopping that followers will be inside the app informed for example about newly released chapters or stories from the fallowed author.

But it seems to me nothing like this is happening.

So did I missed something or it realy doesnt do anything?


hmm.on insta you then see the new content of the one you follow…but here it is really for nothing…that is sad and kinda doesnt make much sense to me why is the option even there…


I think it’s more useful if you have the social feed.
I do, so if the people that I follow post something, I’ll see their posts in their feed.
On the flip side, if any of my followers have the feed, they’ll see anything I post. You can share stories, post polls and post status updates.


I have insta. I wanted just to know if there is anything the following in app does.:nerd_face:

I meant the Episode social feed. Not IG.
It’s basically IG for the Episode app so then your followers can see your posts in the app

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than I probably need explanation what is episode social feed. If it is something in the app than I eather do not have it or do not know where it is…

It’s only available to a certain percentage of people on the app. If you don’t have it it’s not available to you yet.

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oh. :slight_smile: I have thought that it will be something like this…thanks for the explanation!

Episode’s feed looks smt like this:


You should be able to find it after going to your “profile”. Didn’t really know it’s some kind of “exclusive” tho :thinking:


i dont have the tab below profile tab. Are you using ios? Is it available only for certain people?



Unfortunatlly I dont have anything like this there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :open_mouth: :cry:

Yeah that explains it.


It looks the same for me on ios and android :frowning_face:
But yeah, nothing to regret if you don’t have it, it pretty much sucks tbh :joy:

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I’m sure it’s probably not that useful, but… I want it because I don’t have it. :joy: