Following characters across zones

Hey, I am writing a story, and I have tried a couple different commands and I cant figure out how to get the camera to follow my character from zone 1 and then have her walk to zone 4. I just cant seem to figure it out.Ive tried sport directing and one other. Anyone have any tips or can help a gal out?

@follow CHARACTER to screen left/center/right in zone 4


If you want to use spot directing with the character from one zone to another you can do this:

&pan to zone 4 in T
@CHARACTER_NAME walks to spot S X Y in zone 4 in T

In case you don’t know:

T = Time in seconds
S = Scale
X = # of units left or right on screen
Y = # of up or down on screen


Hey is there any way to make the camera zoom out? to where it sees like more than one zone? So that I can have more room for more characters?

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You can make the camera zoom out, but it creates a strange bar on the bottom and the top of the screen. I personally don’t recommend it, as I have never found a way to use it very effectively, but I’m sure it is possible.

Just do this:

@zoom on X Y to % in T

#The percentage just has to be less than 100%

Hey, hi! I just had a question that do u know how can I zoom out to a whole background?
Like I want to show my readers the whole background, how can I do it without have to dealing with the trouble of zones?

Here’s the thing:

While you can zoom out and see all three zones of this background, but this black bar on the top and bottom of the screen is kind of obnoxious. In addition, the actual background and characters in it are very small. If you want to do this, you’ll need to zoom on the middle of two or three zones to a % less than 100 like I said before. Just be wary that characters that would usually sit at tables or stand towards the front of the screen will have their feet in the area of the black bar.

This is why I don’t really recommend this. For the reader on a phone, they have to look at tiny characters on the middle of the screen which may disinterest them in the story. Learning how to work with zones and zooms will help to add the dynamics while having less risk of taking them away.

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