Following my characters feet? PLEASE HELP!


So i really need help with this one scene in my story.
Basically what i’m trying to achieve is getting the camera to follow my characters feet into a different zone.
Then i want the camera to switch onto my other character who is in zone 3 and begin to follow her
to zone 2.
Unfortunately is seems to be happening too fast and the character @REENA is not even walking properly (she is just gliding)
please help!!

This is the script


What I’ve noticed is every time I write &follow or &CHARACTER it does really fast. Now, if you use the @follow or the @CHARACTER it will wait for the character to stop doing the command in order to move on to the next character. In my story I don’t use &follow because of that particular reason. I do use &CHARACTER exits or &CHARACTER starts (action) or &CHARACTER is while somebody is speaking.

Another tip, on your line 18 there’s a much quicker way to write it.
@follow REENa to screen left in zone 2 AND REENA is walk_neutral AND REENA faces right. It’ll work the same way except less typing lol.


thank you for your help! it worked after i changed all the & to @


I’m glad I was able to help. Are you a new author? I could read your story and give you pointers if you need them. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you! i will definitely take you up on that offer once my story is published! what about you are you an author?


Okay so let me know when you publish it. :slight_smile: And yes, I published mine not so long ago and I’m still writting it. It’s called “Facing My Demons” by Lady Stephanie. :slightly_smiling_face:


cool! i’ll go check it out right now


Thank youu!! :heart:


i just checked it out… and i loved it! your very talented


Thank you!! I really apprecciate your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


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