Following the character coding! Please help


so i’m here with a question, can i make the code @follow CHARACTER to (destination), even though the destination is a spot, not a regular screen center or screen right/left and so on position. i’ve tried something and of course it didn’t work…
the line is marked yellow-ish, i don’t know if it shows well for you… but uhh, i’m into advanced coding and cinematic episodes, so if anyone know how to also do this kind of coding, i’d like your help. (oh and my story is LL, not INK) <that might be the case, but if it’s not, yet again, let me know.

Okay so instead you could do &Becky walks to spot (blank) in (number of seconds you want it to take her to walk that spot) in zone 1 AND BECKY is walk_sad
&zoom (to where her character stops walking) in zone 1 in (blank)

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You cannot use the follow command with spots. You will have to make your character walk to that spot and pan to the zone at the same time.

&pan to zone 1 in [time]
@BECKY walks to spot 0.653 30 242 in zone 1 in [time] and BECKY does it while walk_sad_loop

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okay dang, thanks a lot for the quick reply and help! @The_Corgi_Queen you too ((:


Yeah np! @Dara.Amarie explained it waYy better than I did tho :joy:

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