Food Birthdays (Fast Food, Sweet/Dessert



Fast Food:
January: Popeyes Chicken
February Five Guys
March: KFC
April: Burger King
May: Cheesecake Factory
June: Subway
July: Pizza Hutt
August: Dominos Pizza
September: Dunkin Donuts
October: Papa Johns Pizza
November: McDonalds
December: Baskin Robbins
Birthday Candy/Sweet Food
January: Ice cream Cake
February: Sugar cookies
March: Hersheys Chocolate Bar
April: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
May: Chocolate ice cream
June: Smoothie (any type)
July: Milkshake (any type)
August: Icecream sandwich
September: Sundae
October: Chocolate sprinkled donuts
November: Candy corn
December: Icecream cake
Comment down which food you got from both sections!

Meme Birthdays!

Baskin Robbins and Ice Cream Cake!!!


Pizza Hut & Milkshake :joy: YAY


Popeyes chicken and ice cream cake :thinking: (I have no idea what popeyes chicken is)


Wait we’re supposed to get it from our birthday month, right?


you made me so happy with the fact that i am born in the month of September :yellow_heart:


Yeah I think so :slight_smile:


Exactly :smiley:


My ideal choices :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Fast food: KFC
Candy/ sweet foods: Hersheys Chocolate Bar (I have a big stash of these hidden in my room )


Pizza Hutt and Milkshakes!


I’m Dominoes?

I can def deal with an ice cream sandwich tho!


I’m Popeyes chicken and ice cream cake

Never had either of them :joy::see_no_evil:





Banana smoothie

Hell ye


Well I do love cheesecake and chocolate ice cream so am happy :smirk::blue_heart::cake::chocolate_bar: