Food Mini Game Template

I need a little help here! I’ve had no experience in making mini games in my stories so I was hoping someone could lend me another hand :blush:

For the mini game, the reader is going to choose what they want to make for dinner. :hamburger:

If you’re up for it, please let me know and I’ll tell you anything you need to know :hugs:

Ps I didn’t know which category this topic fell under lol :grin:


There should be something here?!
she does a ton of guided ect so there is probably something there that you can adapt

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Are you using tappable overlays?
If you can describe to me a little bit more about what you want to achieve I can help you out :slight_smile:
Else, Dara Amarie’s website as mentioned by the person before, is a really good place to go for things like this :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply, but yes I’m using tappable overlays.

The reader says they don’t feel like making a big meal so the reader goes to the kitchen and has a choice of popcorn to make in the microwave, some leftover spaghetti, pizza, a burger, and a TV dinner (if possible lol :joy:)

And then a tappable overlay button that says Skip if the reader doesn’t want to make anything.

Hope that makes sense, thank you sm for offering to help me :hugs:

Let me know if anything :blush:

The food is on a kitchen table with a microwave :blush:

*kitchen counter sorry :joy:

Okay so the way I would do this first is to make the overlays if you haven’t already and label them e.g. POPCORN BUTTON, PIZZA BUTTON and so on. Enter them into your script and direct them to where you want them to be e.g. on the counter - then use this:


gain make_popcorn
goto make_meal
gain make_spaghetti
goto make_meal
gain make_pizza
goto make_meal
gain make_burger
goto make_meal
​gain make_tv_dinner
goto make_meal
goto skip_scene

label make_meal
Then you’re going to put in your if/else command you can then either direct each option to another label e.g. label make_popcorn, and direct each one or you can try writing the coding for each one underneath the condition as followed…

if (make_popcorn) {
You chose to make popcorn…


} elif (make_spaghetti) {
You chose to make spaghetti…


} elif (make_pizza) {
You chose to make pizza…


} elif (make_burger) {
You chose to make a burger…


} else (make_tv_dinner){
You chose to make a TV dinner…


label skip_scene
This would then take you further into the scene where you decided not to make dinner
Include dialogue on skipping making a meal etc.

I hope that’s clear - if not please feel free to DM me and we can work it out in the portal together :slight_smile:


Oh and just an extra thing to bear in mind - make sure you’re overlays don’t have huge margins, so like there isn’t a huge box around them when you load them to the portal because they may overlap each other and your reader will end up selecting something completely different by accident!

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Okay, will do. Thank you sm I appreciate it a lot :pleading_face::blue_heart:

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