Food overlay needed

Hey :slight_smile:
I was curious if someone yould help me with food overlays.
I’d like to let my characters eat like sandwiches and bagels but I don’t know where to find them or how to create them.

You can use props (how to here):

Some bagel and sandwich props that exist for Limelight:

Bagel Cream Cheese
Bagel Plain
Panini Sandwich Bread Brown
Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Bread Brown
Sandwich Tomato Lettuce Ham

And you could always look for food overlays here:


Basically you type in a food then change images to vector graphics then search.


U can use these that I did, no credit needed, and still check out Jems response too. :point_up:t3: :wink:



Thank you!

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where can i find these props

You can find them directly within your writer’s portal script on right side where the web previewer is.

They can also be downloaded in PNG format with transparent background and used as overlays when you add them to your art catalog (overlays are in review and then get approved or rejected). 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay