Food Thread 🍔



post pictures of food here!



I made some of them :sweat_smile:
I have way more (all the foods i ate not google :joy:)


Have to wait few more hours for my gurrll . Planning our tea&talk Friday. And praying cake will taste good :pray:




Thanks, I tried :woman_cook: I will let you know later how was it :sweat_smile:


Plz do!




It’s a traditional latvian honey cake and also really nice.I’ll try to find more (in my pics)


Ship some I want to try that



(No offence)Don’t like the first one


The first one is my fave soup (I call it pink soup)
And the second one is an every day typical breakfast


How did it turn pink


It’s fine


Ohh… Honey cake ! And dear neighbor :hugs: I’m from Lithuania :joy:


OMG !!! The cold soup !!! I was eating it all summer :joy:


It turns pink when you add in beet roots or beet root juice (either pickled or not )


huh? SOMEONE Who Knows latvia and is my neighbour? Omg hello to you too!


And… This is what I had today


I know the struggle… When I say to people I’m from Lithuania and they are like
I couldn’t find any gif, so just added a part of movie :joy: :sweat_smile: