Football and it's occasional irritability

Why do most boys like football so much?
It becomes irritating. I mean apart from the opening and ending matches, there’s nothing really grandiose about it…
What do you guys think?


It’s not just boys, I love football. Football I’ll say is one of the sports which connect people all over the world, and it is really entertaining to watch.


Agree, a lot of girls/boys/men/women, loves football, very entertaining. Now, some do and some don’t like the sport which is their choice, so I guess thats just them. Everyone has their likes and dislikes with sports.

I love football too.
Basketball is a whole other thing though. Lol

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I love watching football when I’m bored. It’s entertaining. I think it’s just a preference.

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I don’t really get why people like football… It’s just bunch of guys chasing and kicking a ball, it sounds even more boring to watch a bunch of guys chasing a ball. I know a lot of people like it and I don’t judge them but I just don’t really get it…

You could say that about any topic.

Why do people like makeup?
Why do people like Episode?

Well, it’s irritating for me when people spam the class group chat with screams and groans about football, but I think people should be free to like what they like. I don’t have a problem with people liking it, only that people flood the group chat in which most participants don’t care about football, with football things, at like 3am in the morning :laughing:

Not all boys like football. And girls can like football too. But I agree, too much talk about sports. :orange_heart:

my hand was damaged playing football but still enjoyed it

foot ball or the soccer football

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Foot bal,

Im a girl and i like football

i like soccere, and americqan football

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I see Italian football (that is, that of my country)

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