Football GAME Script Template NEEDED: Can someone please help me with a script template for two opposite teams playing football and where the captains of each team score a goal?

Hey! I know this request is pretty specific but I need help with a script template where two teams (men) are playing a football match and the captains of both the teams score one goal each. If any of you have made a scene like this before and would be willing to help I’ll really appreciate it! Also, needless to say, I will obviously credit you! Thank you so much! Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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is this American or British football

It’s British!

Ok. I can see what I can do

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Thank you so much! Really appreciate it :blush:

Did u say u wanted it as a mini game

Or just to show them

I just want to show the scene that a game is being played and that they are scoring goals.

Ok. That’s easy to do. There is typically 12 player right.

Actually I think it’s eleven per team. I just need a script template with the spot placement and animations of the players to show the goal being made. Also I’m sooo sorry for the late replies. :confused:

It’s ok. And sure

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