Football Game Template

Hello Everyone, I am trying to find a football game template that will work great for my story, but I am stuck. Can someone help me create a football game template for me? I will give you credit at the end of first and last chapters of my story.

Thank you for in advance.

American football or rest-of-the-English-speaking-world football?

(Edit: I’m an American- not someone else mocking Americans for not calling soccer “football”)

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:soccer: or :football:?

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Well there’s two football is (soccer also played in america but started off in mexico :soccer: ) and the other one which is american foodball :football: this one known as NFL so people might get confused on hat you mean

NEVER MIND! I remember making a cover for your story so I know that you’re talking about American football. I don’t know much about American football, but I think if you start by having a background that is the field and then using some tappable overlays to do what you want you could have the backbone of a mini-game.


Do you want tappable overlays of the different parts of the field? I don’t really know how the game works, but I know how to make tappable overlays.