Football Helmets For Girls


There are no football helmets for girls as accessories…for me it’s outrageous! Girls can play football! Support?


SUPPORT! For sure!


100% support!!


Thanks guys!




Yes, of course. I agree that it should be available for them, too. I think that there should be more gender neutral clothing/accessories/gear for all in general.

Also, this topic would probably better suited in the Feature + Art Suggestion categort in the Art + Animation sub section of the forums, with the proper header. :slight_smile:

Supporting, nonetheless.


Thank you.


Support its the same for tattoos and guns on the police officer outfit it’s outrageous. Personally I think episode did this on purpose


Yes! We also want tattoos for girls and guns on their police outfit! Thank you @Helpieme :revolving_hearts:


No problem, it’s annoying ah so thank you for making this topic


No problem. Anything to support anti-sexism…


**support **


Hi all. As @Lemniscate stated, there are some changes that need to be made to this topic so it doesn’t fall at risk of being deleted or closed. Thanks!

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