Football - Like it or nah?

So I’m a huge football fan, I’m in England so I love the Premier League, and I was just wondering if anyone else followed football, doesn’t have to be in the Premier League, just any football in general.


Yeah, I love NFL football. My fav team is the Ravens.

I love football!! I never missed any if the matches held in the stadium in my area!!

Eh, not so much. Every game seems exactly the same to me in both kinds of football (soccer and American football).

I do prefer soccer over American football, and I will occasionally watch the US women’s team when they play at the Olympics. :blob_sun:

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Hate it. I hate sports in general


literally me, I’ve played everything I was offered and I hate it all (except swim but only because its more a hangout then an actual sport)

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I like dance though, especially Ballet.

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cool! how long have you been doing it?

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A few months.

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thats really cool! What’s your favorite part? I used to dance, (like I said, my parents made me try everything) but I was to scared to dance in front of people so I stopped, I regret stopping now

You’re talking about soccer right? (to clarify :sweat_smile:)

I’m not a fan, especially since those who follow and watch it here in Italy are so extra. If there’s an evening match any given day you can hear all the screams coming from the neighborhood hahaha it’s crazy!

I don’t associate with that :no_good_woman:t3:
But soccer is such a cultural thing that even I have my team to cheer for.


I’m actually playing football so I think you can figure out that I like it :))

Football (I mean American football when I say that) is a “nah” even though I like in the US :rofl:

Football as in soccer is also a “nah.” I like basketball though :smiley: even though I’m short


I like playing, not so much watching lol. I have too short of an attention span to be invested in sports like that

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I’m not a fan of sports, but in Australia we have the annual “State of Origin” where two of our states’ football teams go against each other (Queensland vs New South Wales) and my family and I watch that, as does a lot of Australia. :blush:

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Occasionally I get very invested in it. But usually, not too much. At the moment I’m a little invested though, since my favorite team has a Norwegian player (Borussia Dortmund) and he’s playing super well. Our national women’s team is also really good.

I prefer Handball though.


It’s ok but i like basketball better because I’m better at it and I actually really like it.

American football absolutely not, nor soccer. I don’t have any pull to it, like I do baseball/softball. I just quit my varsity team last year and I just occasionally watch my favorite team for MLB :joy: :joy:

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I like the figure skating a lot, and the dancing.


It’s fine