Football/Soccer stories

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OH MY GOSH I have beeeeeeen searching for football/soccer stories for quite some time. The only other one I like is OFFSIDE: THE GIRL COACH by @Towerwhite !!!
You know, I’ve also written a story about soccer and romance. It’s called Breakaway, like the term used in soccer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Here’s the link:

I’m going to definitely read your story @Nodira ! Hopefully you read mine… :heart:


here’s my story, i hope it has enough soccer/football in it for you haha! :smile:

Story Title: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 6 [COMPLETE]
Story Style: INK
Author Name: Winter05 with Episode Royalty
Author’s Instagram’s: @winter05.episode & @episoderoyalty
Description: All it takes is one shot to change your whole life. Win or lose, nothing will ever be the same.


Are you going to read mine? I’ll do a read for read lol :smile:

As a soccer mom, I am so gonna read this!


Haha awesome, thank you!

Sure, will do! (: