For all authors, do you still feel motivated to write?

With all the current changes, do you still feel motivated to write your story?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure, still processing everything
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Due to my summer class, my parents have prohibited me from writing for the time being. Once I am able to, I will be back at it with my stories.

If anything, these changes have motivated me to be more active in this community- particularly through the creation of stories that show that people are still going to create content. If Episode has one million aspiring writers, I will be one of them. If Episode has one aspiring writer, I will be that one. If Episode has no aspiring writers, I am dead. (Or I’ve finally finished all of my stories)

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Instantly feel like I want to pull away - I hope they make this up to us somehow. If they won’t listen to us about keeping the forums, they better listen when it comes to improving art updates and contests qualities.

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I will continue to write because I know I have readers waiting for me to finish my stories, and I hate it when I’m reading a story and it’s never finished. That said, I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to finish them before the app is shut down. Episode doesn’t seem to understand that the only reason they were ever successful was because of the army of unpaid interns (community authors) giving them constant content to sell to others.

Everything they’ve done in the last couple years shows their total lack of respect and acknowledgement of that fact. It takes time and practice to become a good storyteller. If they want to get a bunch of new, young people excited about writing on the app via Discord, good for them. But when you destroy the institutional knowledge that speeds up that learning curve, you’re putting them at a disadvantage and it’s likely to be a while before you start getting decent content out of them. Meanwhile, Episode is doing anything and everything to anger and push away the established authors that have kept this app going after they stopped producing licensed content.

Without decent content, the app will die, it’s just a question of how quickly the demise will come. It’s really demoralizing to think of writing when I truly believe this is the final nail in the coffin for Episode. But to the few loyal readers I have, I don’t want to leave those stories unfinished. So I will continue to write, but it’s a struggle to keep that motivation going.