For all the artists

depends on the app

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What do u use?

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ibis paint x, what about you?

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Dont use apps

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Ibis is free on phone and tablet IOS and android, here’s a thread that can help you :slight_smile:

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How do i import a screen shot

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What do you mean? If you’re on your phone then you can do it there?

it says import your screen shot and idk how to do that

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Are you on ibis? Follow the steps on the tread I linked :slight_smile:

I am… How??

You press the camera icon that is beside the new layer, flip and duplicate layer button

Thanks for helping me. but i dont seem to find it…


Click on the layer icon


Hey um i dont wanna bother u again. but when she says “The area you filled should disappear. Now go back to the selection layer and click the same button to remove selection” (step 9) its doesnt, can u help me?

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Can you show ur screen?

Go to the selection layer (the blue one)

and then show me your screen again