For anyone looking to do read for reads

If any one would like to do a read for read please send me a message :blush:
Just to be aware I will only do read for read as long as you are also prepared to read my story.
I will only start your story once you have sent screenshot proof that you have read mine. Which I think is only fair. I will also send screenshots to you as well. :blush:
I am not a reviewer, so unless you ask for my opinion I wont give it, and if you do ask please donโ€™t take offence from any comments I give! I will only offer them as guidance not hate :blush:
Now as long as thats understood.
Here is my story
Title Changing For Bad
By Shanzella
Description- What happens when you become the mosnter you once feared? Is everyone you once held dear gone forever? Can you undone what you dont feel is broken, to risk losing more?
Limited customization
This is not a typical bad boy story :blush:
4 chapters with 5th on its way #episode

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