(For Art Groups And Art People) A Cover Contest!


I will be having a cover contest for my brand new story Single Pringle. I’ve see that word on the forums so it’s inspired this story lol. I have two png images of the MC but you can do any pose you’d like! But I do ask two things: 1) Do NOT put text on the cover!!! 2) Please No Drama!

Lu is only focused on gaming, she believes she does not need a man in her life, after all Adam needed Eve, Eve didn’t need Adam… follow lu and her journey through high school.


Come Up With A Better Story Title & Description or one of those!

Lu And Her Details

Hair: Fishtail Braid/Passion Fruit
Eyes: Upturned Bold/Purple
Nose: Elven
Brows: Seductive Arch
Face: Soft Heart
Skin: Caramel
Lips: Classic/Blush

Black Lace Bustier
Onesie Shorts/Black
Small Fishnets
Military Chic Boots/Black

Note: The Deadline Is TWO Weeks From Now. Credit WILL be given! Thanks for participating!


Large AND Small are exceptable

Episode Frost-


Hi I would love to join!
I was wondering if my art group can join?

This Sucks And Is Boring


Of course! Anyone can join! I just tagged my friends


It looks super cute! I love it!


This girl literally sounds like me :joy::joy:. ‘I don’t need no man to be happy!.. and VIDEO GAMESSSS!!!’

Also I’d love to join!


Entering! :+1:


can i join


Of course you can!


Lol true!


Awesome Thank You!


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Bumping again lol


Is this cover contest still ongoing? Because if it is, I would like to join!