For Muslim’s, People who know about the culture

My name is May and I’m longing to know more about different cultures.
I have some questions for Muslims I would just generally like to know!
I would love if people responded :blush:

  1. Why is so important to cover your hair?
  2. Do you find it weird when other people have their hair out?
  3. When your at a sleepover do you take off your hijab or keep it on?
  4. Why do you need a hijab?
    If you think I should know any more questions and answers please drop them below!
    There is nothing I wouldn’t like to know!
    Thanks, have a good day/night :sunny:
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I’ll share what I’ve been taught about Islam~

  1. Some muslims think it’s not important to cover their hair, but in my country, it is a sin to show your hair. Muslims also can’t colour their hair because hair dye don’t let water touch their original(?) hair. So they can’t do a big amount of practices. Thus making it a sin (because they can’t do those practices).

  2. Non muslims? No.
    Muslims? Yeah. But it seems that most of the time they’ve been taught that it’s not a must.
    Muslim men? No… :rofl:

  3. Sleepovers most of the time only consists of women, so of course I’ll take it off! My hair wants to breath too! But if there’s non muslim women, we must pinkie promise them to not tell anybody descriptions about our hair.

  4. To avoid getting sins :smile: and getting awful punishment in the afterlife! :confounded:

Oh yeah, and information about Islam is very wide. Make sure you don’t only depend on one resource about Islam when you’re researching about it. :blush::blush:


Thank you so much for the information!
So you can take your hijab for with a non Muslim girl?

You can take off in front of those who you trusts.


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Hijab is supposed to be taken in front of all men who are na-mehram which means they’re not your brother, father, grandfather, son or husband - these are the only men around who you’re not obliged to wear hijab. (I might be forgetting something tho :thinking:) Also, it’s ok of you’re not wearing a hijab in a gathering of women only. However, not all Muslims do it because you know just like other religions, there are religious people and not so religious people and like I hope you get what I’m saying…


And I’ve never heard of this. Almost every Muslim woman here dyes their hair when it starts getting white so… Do you have a source for this? :thinking:


Thank you for The information!

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  1. I’m pretty sure its a way to show modesty. My mother told me once when she used to wear one.

Hoped I helped a bit!:heart::heart::heart:


you mean using henna? henna is allowed :grimacing:


It matters by the denomination because some let you dye your hair.


Again, I just share what I’ve been taught :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. It matters by where you are from and denomination. Some Arab countries enforce it. It is however important to wear it in the Mosque.

  2. No, I have my hair out at times. Remember, not ALL muslims cover their hair.

  3. Never been to one before.

  4. Well, we wear a hijab because it allows us to retain modesty in our religion, morals and freedom of choice.


We all do. Lol. Nothing to be ashamed of.


No, hair dye… I’ve always been told we’re allowed to dye hair any colour other than black. (I have no idea why not black) And literally everyone here gets their hair coloured :thinking:


I’m sorry, but you’ve never been to a sleepover?? :thinking: Do teenagers these days think that sorta thing is just lame or do you prefer to stay with yourself because other humans and human contact is overrated? X’DDDD

Sorry, off-topic, ^^’


No. My mother just won’t let me go because most girls get hurt or injured at sleepovers. She afraid it’'ll happen to me.


I haven’t been to one either… :sweat_smile: But that’s because it’s just not that common in our country and my parents would never allow :neutral_face:


Oh my goodness…girls get hurt or injured at sleepovers??? :open_mouth: What goes on at sleepovers these days?? :thinking: