For my best friend


Hello,… I made this topic for my best friend.
She is practically my sister and I don’t know what would I do without her.
Words are not enough to express how much I love my sister.

So here is something I wanna tell you @Elena1creates

Girl I really hope we meet one day! :heartbeat:
We should never stop dreaming because I believe we are gonna meet one day.
And I’m really glad I actually started using Episode Forums and I actually wanted to thank @TheTurtleTrainer because her thread was the thread we first started to talk!
I know I already made threads like This but I just had to do it again…
I even remember watching meeting my ibf (Internet best friend) on YouTube and I thought to myself “Well I wish I had ibf, but I know it’ll never happen…”

I was obviously wrong and I know that this thread may seem a little bit too cheese or dramatic but I had to tell you this.



Omg mon amour I’m in treas :sob::sob::sob::sob: I hope too thnx for everything you mean the world to me mah beautiful I love u soo much okay now I’m crying :sob::sob::sob: I can’t thank you enough for making my life the most cool one one and adding a smile to my face I love ya soooo much




Mmhmm. My VBFs are @chay @ms.kate and @natalie_c. Love ya!


Mine are @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @AlexGarciaWasHere and @lilysmith10


Yeah I have to say I have a few besties here that I can’t wait to meet some day.


Okyh and @chocolate_mama and @tellyg47


Mmhmm. We are def gonna meet someday. Yo we still gotta plan that roadtrip


I’m happy for all of you!


Aw I have so many but the main are @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @meadowh @Natalie_c


Hahahahhaah yessss girl you already know it!!! It’s going to be hella fun!


Love ya, emo duckling!


Awwwhhhh :two_hearts: ur also mine :kissing_heart:


My best friend are @Ms.Kate and @meadowh and @Natalie_C
And I almost forgot @S.A.A and @HopeFrvr - I would love to meet you someday and be best friends


Sameeeee :see_no_evil::two_hearts:


Yes me too :blush:


Aww thanks


I have no best friends… :cry::sob:
Sofia doesn’t count because she automatically is my friend bc we’re married


You have your children and your wife potato!


But they automatically count as bffs. I want a best friend that isn’t my wife or kid but I don’t have one. No offense potato, I still wuv uuuu ~