For old times sake...anyone miss....?

We all know the awful news about the forums…but im feeling nostalgic in all this. Anyone else miss the era of episodes being blue

Heck even the edgier outfits of ink…I wish they got carried over…

Idk…I miss the old episodes before the art scene craze(not tht theirs anything wrong wth ppl wanting them)

Before ppl thought they were a requirement for a story…

Back when there was a balance of stories where u can play as a “you” self insert with choices and dressing games but was also other good OC based stories…it all felt differnt and great.
Whereas now it sorta felt like its…OC or bust. Like if u WANT to play as a “you” version ppl seem to take offense.

Idk I remember when episode was marketed as a choose ur own story type deal. But also there was room for both OC and SI

Plus Classic was SO CUTE. Classic felt organic to episode >_< not like how LL(which I grew to love in its own way) feels like it doesnt match the backrounds

I miss that era


Fr :sob::heart:

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Even like mean girls, pitch perfect, and pretty little liars


Oh I count tht in the old era defiently hahah

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Ah this brings back memories! Episode was sooo interesting back then!:sob:


All the time.


Wasnt it tho >_<
Like I find great authors now before I took a break…but back then it had charm


I miss it so much as well, i miss all the friends i made and when episode had the posting feature on the app it was so much fun.


This was the elite version of episode :sob: the stories were so good and i lovedddd how popular ink was. the storylines were a lot more diverse too