For Readers: About Our Community Author Gem Choices

Hello Episodians,

Recently, our team has been working on providing authors with new ways to get support from their readers and to make it easier to reach their goals of writing on Episode full time. With that in mind, our team is rolling out Community Author Gem Choices to all iOS players in the very near future, and over the coming weeks. This feature will follow for Android players in the future.

Expanding these choices is meant to be a way for readers to show extra support to the authors whose content you enjoy on Episode.

We wanted to reiterate that Episode has no current plans to remove free content from our platform. Though we are testing additional options to support community authors, we do not plan on taking away free access to Episode content. Authors have the option to add these choices to their stories and set their own prices for them, but it is entirely up to each author and is not required.

We’re continuing to offer reader protections in the Community Author Gem Choice program, to ensure readers are comfortable with the options they see in Episodes.

  • Authors are capped at no more than 5 gem choices per branch per chapter.
  • Readers can report stories for abuse of Community Author Gem Choices by writing in to our Support desk, or using the in-app reporting function (currently iOS only). Some reasons to report an author’s gem choices include but are not limited to: the choice violates Episode’s Content Guidelines; the choice requires you to pay to continue reading the story or the choice does not deliver meaningful content. Our team will then review the reported choices, and we’ll monitor reader reports for overall trends and feedback.
  • Readers can also request refunds for Community Author Gem choices that violate our content guidelines, do not deliver meaningful content, or require you to pay to continue reading their story by writing to our Support Desk.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments below, or at our Support Desk. If you have issues or concerns with this, please reach out to Episode’s Support Desk, rather than authors directly, as getting your feedback directly to Episode is the best way to be heard.

With love,
The Episode Team


Cool beans :metal:
The reader protection is much appreciated

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This is a great update, not gonna lie!


We know what this means :sweat_smile:



so annoying like :greentea:

Means that the update will be available for androids later


Android users: :eye::lips::eye::droplet:


It’s a good update it supports the author’s hard work!!

Yes, feel ya :joy:

This is great but what about Android users they are still facing so much of problem. I am personally an iOS user but I can’t see Android users struggling more. They need the same attention as iOS. Hopefully you do it asap for them too.


:grin: :grin: Thank you. I enjoy writing on Episode. Hope can be writing on Episode full time. ^^

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Crying in android this is unfair and discrimination most people are android users


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